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the unsearchable life: a world without Google

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 5, 2007

This afternoon Lebanon lost Google. And Yahoo.

And with that, my productivity sloooooooowed to a crawl.

Its amazing how little work I can do without a search engine at the ready.

Its even more amazing that an entire country can lose one of the world’s best internet resources due to its reliance on an oligopoly of providers.

Most of Lebanon relies on IDM (for which I would ordinarily provide a link but – guess what? I can’t google to find the URL!), which has periodic routing breakdowns.

For a while in the late spring I had no Google access from 1 to 4 every afternoon – as mysterious as it was annoying.

I’m hoping today isn’t the start of another round of Google roulette. Sporadic internet access is not one of Lebanon’s more charming quirks.


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