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diamond vs. naharnet: a recipe for disgruntlement

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 27, 2009

Just don’t put this in your blog, H said yesterday, frowning at me across a Skype connection after finishing a particularly juicy Beirut story.

I stopped blogging months ago, I said, frowning back. Didn’t you notice?

H frowned more deeply, a familiar look of ‘oh no: she’s about to go beyond all bounds of rationality’ settling on his face.

Honestly, d., he said, trying to be conciliatory. I haven’t been online at all this summer. I haven’t even been on Naharnet.

Did you just compare my blog to Naharnet? I asked, eyebrows arching. Don’t get me wrong – as a blogger, I loved Naharnet. It gave me almost as steady a supply of entertaining language gaffes and random ‘news’ stories as the Daily Star.

But did I want my sweet little blog to be spoken of in the same breath? Certainly not.

That’s not what I meant, H said urgently, still trying to stave off the logic meltdown that seemed likely to take out much of Brooklyn.

I meant that I haven’t been online even to look at serious sources of news and analysis, like your blog and like Naharnet.


Please stop, I said. The only saving grace is that you didn’t compare me to Now Lebanon.

I don’t have much to blog about these days, but thanks to a recent trip to Doha to visit my aunt, I do have a few stories to share. Look for a series of short, non-Naharnet’y anecdotes to stream their way from New York later this week, before I return to blog hibernation :).


2 Responses to “diamond vs. naharnet: a recipe for disgruntlement”

  1. intlxpatr said

    When I left Kuwait, I lost about 300 readers a day, Kuwaiti students, Kuwaitis in other parts of the world who checked in for my sunrise over the Gulf photos and the daily weather and commentary, just homesick for a little sight of Kuwait. Then, on the other hand, I wondered why I was suddenly getting an increase of readers through Little Diamond. 🙂 I can hardly wait to see the trip through your eyes.

  2. qussa said

    Yay! You’re back! (for now)

    Being on the same internet as Naharnet is already offensive, let alone being named in the same sentence… Brooklyn could never be big enough if that would happen to me 😉

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