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getting credit where credit is due

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 13, 2009

Someone in Dubai thinks that I deserve more credit – and he (or she) evidently wants to help.

I’m not used to this. What happened to the confidential business offers – minus 10% for expenses – that I’ve been getting? Am I now expected to earn my living through – gasp! – hard work?

Here’s what my latest offer has to say:

We arrange and assist with Letter of Credits – LCs

[Great – didn’t know I needed one!]

Are you a trader, exporter, importer, manufacturer?

[Um, no. But I’m a very good purchaser, at least on an individual level.]

General Trading? Trading in commodities? Bulk supplies?

[Depends what you mean by “general”, “commodities”, and “bulk”. If you are referring to shoes, skincare products, and books, the answer is “YES”.]

Milk Powder, Sugar, Oil Products, Metals, Fertilizers, etc?


Trading in Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America?

[My trading – again, on the “buy side” – has been largely limited to the Middle East, but I’m more than open to branching out :D.]

We arrange LCs for more than 100+ countries world-wide :

Discounting of LCs

Confirmation of LCs

Back to Back LCs

Usance LCs

Conditional LCs

Sight LCs

[I have no idea what any of this means. Is that a problem?]

GCC countries, India, China, Western Europe, Russia, Countries of Africa, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, Yemen, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

[Iran, Syria, and Iran? You clearly are not based in the U.S.!]

Professional service and simple procedures. Lowest rates for foodstuff and medical supplies.

[Well, I do think of skincare products as a medical necessity … ]

Pls write us for pricing quote and other details.

[Absolutely – I’m on it!]


One Response to “getting credit where credit is due”

  1. qussa said

    Boggles the mind… hilarious!

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