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nothing but blah blah blue skies

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 12, 2009

I love posters, I love graphic design, and I love election campaigns. So its been killing me to miss out on all the fun that +961, Beirut/NTSC, QN, and others have been having with their photos of the various and varied electoral posters that currently pepper Lebanon’s highways and byways.

Of course, I have been enjoying all the digital riffs I’ve received via email (not to mention those on which friends have been “tagged” on Facebook); my favorite, of course, is the Jumblatt’ed “Sois Beik et Pivote”. And last week I began to have the glimmer of a hope that I might have stumbled upon a new source for electoral ads: the Daily Star.

But I’m not sure in the end that this is worth getting at all excited about. Here is last week’s political ad, courtesy of Mustaqbal:



Am I missing something here? Is there some deeper meaning to “blue sky”? I get that Mustaqbal’s color is blue, and that blue skies are tranquil. But in my memory, blue sky days are good not only for beachs and skiing, but also for a whole lot of less-than-tranquil ishtibakat’ing. If I were a voter, I’d like to see a detailed platform explaining how a Mustaqbal vote would encourage some blue-sky activities and discourage others.

Sometimes simplicity is artistic. And sometimes its just unhelpfully vague. Blue sky. Yawn.


2 Responses to “nothing but blah blah blue skies”

  1. Qifa Nabki said


    The “waw” in the expression is actually the “waw al-7al” (واو الحال), which renders the translation: “We won’t forget… as long as the sky is blue.” It’s a Lebanese expression.

    That’s how I read it at least.

    • Oh my goodness: the waw al-7al. How could I have forgotten this, given the entire term I spent ten years ago in being scarred by a grammar-happy Arabic instructor whose favorite joke was, of course:

      “keef al-7al?

      “Da2iman al-mansoub.”

      Funny the first time, second, and third. Less funny when it began occurring at least once per class. Errrr – maybe this is why I blocked all 7al’s from my memory :D. Thanks for the reminder, and the better interpretation. Both types of blue skies work better with your version, and reality.

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