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the Lebanese takeover begins with skincare

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 5, 2009

Last night I was talking with H about a number of things, all somewhat Lebanese’y, when the conversation took an unusually cosmetic turn.

I forgot to mention to you before, H said, but last night I saw this infomercial for a new Cindy Crawford lotion, and her secret Hollywood facialist was a “French” guy called Jean Louis Sebagh. One more piece of the puzzle is now in place for the eventual Lebanese domination of the world.

Let’s leave aside the larger puzzle of just why H was watching an American infomercial rather than the Arabic news broadcasts he usually favors, and ignore entirely the fact that this was an infomercial addressed to middle-aged women looking for ‘hope in a jar’. My initial reaction was to laugh: after all, who tries to take over the world through skincare?

But when I turned back to the magazine I had been reading, I saw this advertisement:


There was another Lebanese man, Dr. F. Frederic Khoury, advising me that “Your cosmetic surgery is only as good as your cosmetic plastic surgeon.”

I’m not in the market for any of his services, thankfully (“ear plasty?”). But I am starting to wonder now whether H’s comment was less of a jest, and more of a warning :).


3 Responses to “the Lebanese takeover begins with skincare”

  1. Well if they’re good at what they do… good for them.

  2. qussa said

    Ha! When I saw the title of your post I was sure Amanacare had made it to where you are 🙂

    • Jester, you’re right – and that’s a very supportive attitude.

      Qussa, loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. Mercifully no Amanacare here yet, but I’ll definitely believe in H’s world domination theory when it does arrive!

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