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fancy falafel

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 4, 2009

I spent this past weekend at a kind of family-and-friends reunion – a hoot of a time, but one that left me little opportunity to get online.

And this morning I’m swamped with a combination of odds and ends, each claiming to be urgent and to require my immediate and personal attention. (Not to mention all the dying Kuwaitis/Cote d’Ivoireans/ Nigerians requiring other things from me.) I have my doubts about some of them, but I’m turning my attention to them anyway.

Before I do, I thought I would share with you a photo I took last week, when another division on our floor brought in an outside caterer to consider for a large event they are hosting later this summer. The would-be caterer brought an abundance of food, so they invited us over to taste the offerings as well.

All the food was fresh and well-spiced (no limp rubber chickens here!), but my favorites were the designer’y, cocktail falafel:


Aren’t they cute? They weren’t the world’s best falafel (the bad ones always stint on the bekdounes, I could hear H saying in my head), but I love their style-y shredded lettuce bed and mini-pita homes. Any chance of seeing this on Bliss Street one day?


2 Responses to “fancy falafel”

  1. intlxpatr said

    You gotta wonder why anyone would stint on one of the cheapest ingredients in felafel, and the one that makes it the tastiest, other than the good tahini sauce added. 🙂

  2. I think its a regional difference, actually. Lebanese falafel seems to have much less bekdounes than Palestinian, for example. So maybe the same immigrants who brought us bulgur-heavy tabboule also brought us bekdounes-light falafel 🙂 .

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