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Sheikh Mo and the “family business”

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 22, 2009

This morning I had another chance to count my blessings. The Internet has given me so much: information, news, opinions, and many new friends.

You may have heard of my latest friend – he runs a city-state known for its real estate boom, not to mention its Burj. Yes, that’s right: my newest friend is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. And boy-oh-boy, does he have an interesting view on Dubai and the rest of the Maktoum clan.

Here is his latest email, with the usual commentary:

Dear Friend,

Regarding possible investment. I wish to bring to your notice my interest to partnership with you in this great business opportunity.

[Sheikh Mo, your eloquence seems to have deserted you – as has your fluency in English!]

As an investment minded entity, it is my desire to fund already existing business as well as set up new business structure provided there is security for the investment.

[“Entity”? Have you moved beyond the “royal we” to some non-human status?]

I officially bring to your notice my interest to partnership with you in this investment venture with me funding the investment.

But we must agree on working modalities/an agreement that will guide the investment.

[Absolutely. I believe in transparency for all business deals – not only the ones involving state leaders.]

I run a family business and will not want any of my family members to be aware of my intention to invest outside our family business venture.

[Um. I’ve often wondered how the Maktoums see Dubai – and now I know. Sounds like a great family, too – very trusting and supportive.]

Secondly, your presence will be required for proper signing of all contract documents and fund hand over.

[No problem – I have several friends in Dubai and would love a chance to visit. When will you be sending me my ticket :D?]

You have to draw-up a business proposal and forward a copy of the business proposal to Mr. Edward Gibson, My foreign investment adviser (PA), for a proper study and we shall get back to you with

{A}: Funding Modalities

{B}: Working Agreement

I am interested in this deal but for security reasons, I will not like to be directly involved.

[Right – because your family wants all the family money put into Dubai. I understand – and love the capital “M” in “My”. But isn’t “PA” shorthand for “personal assistant”, not “foreign investment advisor”?]

Please contact my foreign investment adviser in London, U.K. to arrange for a formal meeting and funding modalities.

Your contacts:

Direct Mobile:

Home Tel:

Office Tel:

Your Position :

You can contact him with the following:

Name: Edward Gibson

Email: info.gibson.ward@gawab.com

[“Gawab”? As in, jawab but with a masri accent? Why does this not sound British to me?]

Endeavor to update me with your agreement with him.

Thank You.

Sheikh Al Maktoum


Will do, my sheikh 🙂 .


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