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Islamic silver, Christian gold?

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 16, 2009

I ran across this advertisement in a regional publication this morning (yes: the tasks of my current job can indeed be somewhat eclectic) and am stumped:


What makes silver Islamic? Is there anything wrong with un-Islamic silver?

What am I missing here?


4 Responses to “Islamic silver, Christian gold?”

  1. M. said

    It’s halal. Ok, corny joke. I think it’s called that because of the designs.

  2. Rami said

    it’s weird..
    Golden is forbidden for men in Islam, silver is allowed though. But what makes it “islamic” is, as M. said, is the design maybe.

  3. qussa said

    No idea what makes it Islamic… reminds me of one time I went to buy a silk tie in Damascus, and the first thing the old salesman asked was ‘is it for an Arab or a European?’ He told me that Europeans always chose the ones with silver thread in them, and Arabs those with gold…

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