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Fun with Lebanon’s video division

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 24, 2009

Last week a long-awaited box arrived from Lebanon, filled with those things that – at the last minute – I couldn’t manage to fit into my luggage last summer. Many thanks to H’s mother for sending it off – and for dealing with what seems to have been a nightmare of Lebanese red tape.

In addition to requiring her to present an inventory of the box’s contents (wonder what Customs thought of the one and one-half pairs of gym socks?), Customs took it upon itself to make a more thorough, secondary search that seems to have involved turning my various wallets inside out. (Hope whatever leftover bakkala change you might have found was worth the effort, gentlemen.)

When Customs finished, the Video Division seems to have taken over.  Its industrious personnel must have enjoyed The Holiday (a long-ago gift from a would-be beau), Paris Je T’Aime (ditto), clips from various news programs, and my Macbook installation CD.

When they finished, they bundled all those discs into a nice manila envelope and sealed it with several stamps, including this one:


I hope that those of you who can read Arabic are getting as great a kick out of the date-stamp as I did. Someone was feeling nostalgic, I think: the stamp reads March 13, 2005.


2 Responses to “Fun with Lebanon’s video division”

  1. Rami said

    At the end it’s written “Head of the video department” LOL 😀
    Loved it!

  2. Kheireddine said

    “Head of the video department”, the coolest public office in the world! 😀

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