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fun with search terms and other odds and ends

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 14, 2009

Spring has brought a striking resurgence in the number of visitors who come to my blog via searches like “Amman escort” “Russian women Amman” or “shrameet Cairo”. So I was happy to note yesterday that some people long for normalcy as much as I do: there were two searches for “normal people from Lebanon”.

I believe I may have run into one of these normal people at the post office earlier this morning. I was there to return a pair of trousers: somehow when placing my order I had chosen an extremely wrong size, one that even a dedicated eating program would not make mine. The older man in front of me was there to pick up a package.

How do you say your name? the surprisingly friendly woman behind the counter said, as she passed it over to him.

Wardeh, he said.

What? she said.

What? I thought to myself, unsubtly both turning and leaning toward them.

Wahrrrrr-deeehhh, he said, pronouncing it carefully for her. It means flower, he added.

Ahlan, Ammo, I thought, smiling at him as he left.

Goodbye, crazy grinning lady, he probably thought, and headed home to search for “normal people from Brooklyn” 🙂 .


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