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Cedar Island: still building that treehouse in the sea

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 12, 2009

At the end of January, many of us began writing about Cedar Island, the planned tree-shaped island luxury housing development taking root (bet you saw that cliche coming!) on the coast down from Damour. Or, as some might know it: a few miles south of Ouzai.

Despite the generally negative blogosphere reaction, the project seems to be going strong. This morning I received an invitation to check out Cedar Island and other properties available through Dagpa Iqari, a conglomerate of real estate firms headquartered in Sin al Fil (“Dagpa”? Is this an acronym for something?).

Here is the Cedar Island advertisement:


The text reads: “The Cedar Island Project / in the Land of Cedars”.

One might think that the current economic climate would have led the developers to rethink this project. If so, may I suggest a “Cedar Stump Island”, or a “Cedar Sapling Island”?

In any case, its not my business – and I’m too busy penny-pinching to be in the market for an island property, natural or manmade. But if you are, I suggest that you bargain hard to get the lowest possible price. After all, home-buying in the rest of the world is a buyer’s market right now – so buying a home on an as-yet-unbuilt island should be a breeze.

Update: Lebanon News has a link to and very interesting analysis of a recent Zawya piece on Cedar Island and its financing as well as logistical woes. You can read Jad’s take on the article and the project here.


5 Responses to “Cedar Island: still building that treehouse in the sea”

  1. sparkleplenty said

    LOL! I always wanted a tree-house…

  2. me too, but not this kind!

  3. david said


    Dagpa is a Tibetan word that stands for “lack of imperfection” or “lack of impurity”. The project of hte Cedar Island is being debated and the actual site is not decided yet.

    • Hi David, and thank you for explaining what “dagpa” means. I’m curious: why is the word explained in such negative terms: as “lack of imperfection” rather than “perfection”? Does this reflect a cultural outlook?

  4. […] project planned off the coast of Damour (and which I have written about here) will now be slower to – tee hee – take […]

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