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election campaigning

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 11, 2009

Something new and unexpected has joined the Lebanese MP3 player and Mother’s Day ads reaching my inbox this week: election campaign ads.

I think its a bit early for these ads, myself – but I am very happy to see any sort of election campaigning. I know, I know: American campaign excess is not a model for anyone to follow. But the idea of candidates actually trying to win voters … actually going door-to-door … actually developing concrete platforms for action … all this would be very exciting.

Here are the two ads I have seen. The first is for a Greek Orthodox candidate running in Beirut I, Nasrallah Bou Fadel:


The second is for the Facebook group of Eddy Abillama, a Maronite candidate running in the Metn:


I don’t understand why I received ads for both candidates, since they are ‘running’ in different districts – neither of which I lived in. But I do hope that this is a sign of a broad shift toward actual campaigning (and not simply, say, simply another iteration of the country’s poster fetish).

In any case, if you are interested in running a campaign, Doculand is here to help:


If you aren’t interested in running a campaign but are interested in tracking various elections-related developments, you might visit Deen Sharp’s blog: www.lebelections.blogspot.com.


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