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English at Level Zero

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 6, 2009

Whatever did I do for email entertainment before the Lebanese ad industry found me? I wondered this morning. Oh yes – I remember now. I read through my scam emails, which promised love and friendship – not to mention lucre.

Here’s one from an outfit new to me: the American Education Center, which is offering English courses:

att00077I can think of several things that seem odd about this advertisement.

First, isn’t advertising in English for “Level zero” courses a bit misguided in terms of reaching the AEC’s target audience?

Second, aren’t “academic persons” – among whom I count myself – more likely to need a Level Ten or even Twenty course, given our preference for complicated jargon and convoluted sentence structure? (And does the course come with training in critical related areas such as “limiting one’s social skills” and “looking down at one’s notes rather than at one’s audience”?)

Finally: where is Level Two?


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