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Ace Hardware: Lebanese landmark

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 28, 2009

As I mentioned in a post last month, last spring I began seeing billboard advertisements for the new Ace Hardware on the road between Charles Helou and the Port. (One of the many joys of being a passenger is that I get to spend more time watching the world pass, and less time worrying about passing motorists!) So when I began seeing Ace Hardware advertisements in the Daily Star this winter, I was glad to see that the store was fully on its way to opening.

And what a grand opening it must have been. Take a look at this press release, published on Wednesday:


I’m still puzzled by the idea that the Lebanese have harbored a secret desire for do-it-yourself handy-person projects, which is what I think of when I think of Ace. I wouldn’t do plumbing, but I have changed many a door knob and cabinet handle, have hung mirrors and paintings, and have been roped into assorted painting projects – all with a fair degree of enthusiasm. I’m not sure that this same spirit is as valued in Lebanon – so I have been wondering who Ace’s customers might be.

Thanks to this press release, I know: the Sin El Fil Ace Hardware gathers people “in large numbers”, who come “from all walks of life” and “from different parts of the Country”, as well as from the U.S. Embassy. (Actually, I have no doubt that Michele Sisson is capable of any household project – and would likely do it with both grace and aplomb.) I hope this is true, and that Ace’s grand opening is a “landmark event”, not only in the history of Lebanese retailing but in the evolution of Lebanese culture. A “can-do” spirit and a “let’s pitch in” attitude could do wonders for the country.


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