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the $18 million Gazan

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 24, 2009

My aunt is the lucky recipient of a steady stream of “good” scam emails: definite scams, but creative enough to be worth remembering. The ones I receive are usually much less interesting – they tend to be of the ho-hum ‘I am the widow of Eminent Person X and am now dying of cancer in a foreign land’ variety.

But last night I received a real gem: a request for help from a Gazan refugee with $18 million to his name.

Here is the email:

Dear Sir, I am Mr. Hadi Abdoullah originally from Gaza Strip but currently going through asylum process here in Spain . I lost every other thing with my name on during the recent war on Hamas and managed to escape and Due to the situation there at home, those of us in business cannot invest any more.

Please, why I need your assistance is that I have ($18 .000.000 USD) Eighteen million united states Dollars in a security & volts services company here in Spain but cannot put into investment because of my status as an asylum seeker and I am afraid so that I do not loss this funds because its all that is left of my family after I had lost my entire family in the war. I inherited the money from my late father who was an oil and gas dealer.

I intend that you assist me and take possession and also help with any investment Overseas that can sustain the funds and yield interest. Please contact me urgently on my private email address Email: hadiabdoullah@xxxx.com, Email: hadiabdoullah001@xxxx.com So that I can give you further information, Thank You as I wait for your reply.

Let’s go through this treasure, piece by piece.

First, if you are soliciting money and/or other forms of assistance, don’t start by alienating half your audience. I am hardly about to jump up and aid someone who mis-identifies me as a man.

Second, his story makes no sense. He is seeking asylum in Spain – which in most countries is a status that does not permit the seeker to work – yet has $18 million in a “security & volts services company”, whatever that is. I understand that Spain’s bureaucracy may be less than assiduous, but surely the government would have noticed an investment that large. And yet he says that he “cannot put [this money] into investment” because of his asylum application. So: is the money invested in the company, or is it liquid?

Third, think of the economy. I can’t imagine any country that would be less than welcoming to a “refugee” with that much money to his name. Why doesn’t he just come clean and let the Spanish government drool all over him and his economy-boosting funds? Or, why doesn’t he go on the market and see which country will give him the best deal? A man with $18 million to his name should be able to start a green card bidding war these days.

Fourth, and no offense to the Gazans, but: how many Gazan oil and gas titans do you know? I can’t think of any, perhaps because Gaza is a tiny strip of land ghettoized by both Israel and Egypt and – by the way – with neither oil nor gas.

In any case, I wish Mr. Abdoullah luck in his asylum case and his desire to find “help with any investment Overseas that can sustain the funds and yield interest”. He’s going to need a great deal of luck when his two email inboxes overflow with replies from desperate investment bankers :D.


One Response to “the $18 million Gazan”

  1. intlxpatr said

    You are much kinder than I am, Little Diamond. I always put in the e-mail addresses in case any of my readers want to harass the Nigerian con artists who sent it out. Some of them are drop dead hilarious. Yours, at least, was somewhat grammatical!

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