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safety first: surveillance tools for sale

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 23, 2009

Feeling insecure? Thanks to my new-found popularity with Lebanon’s spam ads (no idea how long it will last, so I’m taking advantage of the gems while I can), I now have a much better idea of what’s available on the market when it comes to security tools:



The only odd thing about this advertisement is that it includes a price. Many advertisements in Lebanon (and the region more broadly) do not – not even as a “MSRP”. In fact, this advertisement is doubly odd, because it includes the full address and phone number for NETS. Often, ads – particularly for restaurants and boites, it seems – do an excellent job of communicating the experience to be had there, but neglect key details like where they are and how they can be reached for reservations.

In any case, if you are looking for a surveillance solution for your home, company, hospital, school, or – scary thought – nursery, NETS clearly has a wide variety of options.

And if you’re lucky, and the rumors are true, your purchase of a “high-speed dome” (which looks much like the ones in downtown Beirut and sprinkled throughout Qoreitem) may make your chosen surveillance spot eligible for inclusion in the — reputed — direct feed into the Hariri mansion. Better safe than sorry, as we all know.

As for the fingerprint access machine, we were recently joking about getting something like that for my parents’ house. For the first two-three years after their house was built, their only way of entering the house was through the garage: the keys to the front and side doors had never been provided. The U.S. doesn’t have the same electricity issues that Lebanon does, but we did have a good laugh imagining how they would get in if there was a power cut, since the garage openers are electric. In the end, they changed the door locks and now have keys to spare – but a fingerprint machine with battery back-up would certainly have been a trendier solution 🙂 !


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