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feeling loved: Lebanese spam

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 11, 2009

Last May, Nicolien wrote a charming post called “Inbox Lebanon” about all the Lebanese advertisements she found in her inbox each morning. I read the post with total envy: after two years in Beirut, my spam remained stubbornly stuck on North America. I had tried to make myself more attractive to Lebanese advertisers, signing up for e-newsletters and other things – yet still no one wanted to recruit me for a job in the Gulf, sell me electronics, or help me lose weight with a “regime minceur”.

When I moved back to the U.S. this summer, I set my dreams of Levantine spam aside and focused on enjoying the rather dull “improve your sex life” ones that come to my work email, the various financial scam emails that find me at home, and (of course) the pro-Israel ads that try to lure me on Facebook.

And then … like an advertising miracle … this morning I opened my Gmail account to find 12 emails in my “spam” folder. 12? I thought groggily. Usually I receive one or two per day – so I thought that Gmail must have suddenly begun spamming one of my subscriptions.

But no: it was spam, and spam of the best kind. Along with the three genuine junk emails in my spam folder were nine spam emails from Lebanon. I was delighted.

I’ll spare you the MP3 player ad and the one for a “presentable female” hotel sales executive, but I am pasting in this Valentine’s Day advertisement from Malik’s, the bookstore/stationery shop with outlets around Beirut:


I’m getting a huge kick out of it because – like many ads in Lebanon – it requires knowledge of two languages in order to get the full message.

Total hoot – and thank you, Lebanese spammers, for making me feel so loved 🙂 .


One Response to “feeling loved: Lebanese spam”

  1. qussa said

    Wow, I never thought the spam I receive would make anyone envious… But glad you have some of your own now 🙂
    And with that: Happy early Valentine’s Day!

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