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there goes my heart: Valentine’s Day at Roadster

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 6, 2009

The Daily Star sprang back into action this past Monday, and I am delighted to report that its press stoppage did not change one bit of its quirky contents. Right now, the classifieds section includes advertisements from hotels and restaurants advertising their Valentine’s Day packages – mostly including special menus and live music.

Roadster Diner, a kind of faux-glossy American diner with outlets around greater Beirut (and, if memory serves me, the Gulf), is also advertising:


Technically, this isn’t too far-fetched an idea, since Roadster’s motto is: “There goes my  heart”. But I always understood this to refer to the delicious grease that goes into true diner food – not to the idea of diner romance.

I’m having a hard time imagining celebrating Valentine’s Day at a diner, even for lovers gifted with a strong sense of irony. But I’m also having a hard time coming down too hard on Roadster. In addition to a fondness for its pleasantly spicy tuna salad sandwich, I was charmed last year when its servers began introducing themselves by name  – a la US chain restaurants, but in Arabic. So: if your heart belongs to milkshakes and fries as well as your sweetheart, Roadster may be the place for you 🙂 .


One Response to “there goes my heart: Valentine’s Day at Roadster”

  1. abu owlfish said

    It’s remaining together forever in one of the Roadside branches that I’m wondering about.

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