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citizenship scenes from Seattle

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 22, 2009

While on our way to meet H and M for a Saturday lunch downtown last weekend, my parents and I came across a sizable pro-peace, pro-Gazan demonstration in Seattle’s Westlake Plaza:


The protesters included a broad mixture of people – many young adults, but also children and older folk. Most looked like normal Seattle-ites (sensible, quasi-hiking shoes; water-resistant parkas; warm hats) rather than ‘professional protesters’, which made me happy. Peace and justice should not be causes that only society’s fringe members take up.

A close-up of some of the signs, with the caveat that although this photo makes the protest appear largely male, it was actually quite mixed:


I didn’t take a photograph of the policemen and women assigned to this protest, but there were approximately ten of them. They were behind me, on the Westlake Mall side of the plaza, relaxed and chatting with one another as they stood near their bicycles. (Yes: Seattle police get around on city-friendly mountain bicycles.)

All in all, it was a mellow, peaceful protest; one clearly welcomed by many passersby and very much in keeping with the city’s pro-justice vibe.


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