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to those whom much is given: a day of service

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 20, 2009

To those whom much is given, much will be expected.

Do you know this expression?

It is one of my favorites – a good reminder that individual privilege and opportunity bring community responsibility and obligation.

Today is a great day for the United States – but so was yesterday.

Why? Because our president-elect and his family spent the day volunteering at a community rejuvenation project in Washington, D.C. – part of a larger campaign to make Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2009 a nation-wide day of service.

Serving as the President of the United States is a great opportunity, and comes with great privileges. But it also comes with obligations and responsibilities to every U.S. citizen – including the obligation to be a model of good citizenship.

Being a good citizen means taking care of one’s community – one’s national community, not only one’s ethnic, religious, or even neighborhood community.

I can’t imagine a better beginning to this presidency than yesterday’s day of service. And I hope that the Obamas’ volunteering sends a message to all of us today: that we are the ones with the obligation to be the change – the good citizens – that we all need.

Happy Inauguration Day, America.


2 Responses to “to those whom much is given: a day of service”

  1. intlxpatr said

    I love this post, Little Diamond, all the more because I know you believe it with all your heart. The goofy side of me thinks most people think Spiderman made up that quote. 😦

  2. Thanks, Khalti 🙂

    I didn’t know that Spiderman used it as well … and now am totally snickering at the societal obligations of those with web-spinning fingers.

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