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Mixing Media: Al Jazeera on the New York Times

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 10, 2009

How cool is this advertisement, which I saw on the “front page” / home page of the New York Times website yesterday:


Al Jazeera English has had a terribly hard time getting onto US cable packages – very few companies have proven willing to sign contracts with it, even if the channel costs them nothing. Thanks in no small part to Donald Rumsfeld, Al Jazeera is seen as pro-Arab, anti-US, and cozy with bin Laden.

But particularly right now, with the attacks on Gaza escalating even further, I think that Al Jazeera English can tap into a substantial interest among American viewers. And Times readers like to think of themselves as being in-the-know.

To watch AJE, you can go to the Live Station website, as the advertisement suggests. Or you can just go to the channel’s website, english.aljazeera.net, and click on “Watch Now”.

One warning: Al Jazeera prides itself on resisting the soundbite, so its stories tend to be several minutes longer than anything on CNN. This may not sound like much, but when you find yourself watching an 8-minute special on something in Ghana, it will seem much longer. But in-depth coverage is a good thing – and learning about the pressing issues of less headline-grabbing parts of the world is, too.


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