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falafel epiphanies

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 7, 2009

Last night I had an amazing dinner at ilili. The mezzes were overpriced – $9 for tabbouleh? – but so, so good. And the esmalieh bil ashta was almost beyond words – it more than made up for the freezing cold night.

This morning I found an homage to more homestyle Arabic food in my new Cooking Light‘s letter from the editor, who cheerfully informed readers that:

“Homemade falafel is a revelation – even reheated for lunch”. And yes, the bolding is in the original quote.

Um. I’m game to test the magazine’s falafel recipe, although skeptical about its lack of bekdounes. But revelatory falafel? Revelatory, reheated falafel?

I think the Cooking Light crowd needs to get out more.


6 Responses to “falafel epiphanies”

  1. OMG! I checked the menu, it is so expensive! The best falafel in Montreal is Freyha’s falafel, $2.5 a sandwich with three falafels…
    I don’t why, but in the 70’s we used to call it Umm Al Falafel! I remember that in the early 80’s, I was able to eat a dozen of Falafels in one shot, it was sold for 1 Lira ($0.30 cents then) in Aycheh Bakkar.

  2. S. Worthen said

    Revolutionary falafel: If you make spherical falafel, it’ll revolve.

  3. Hehe Kheireddine, I know – its a very chichi Manhattan resto, and charges appropriately. But the food was very good.

    Owlfish, too funny – its great unorthodox cooking advice. If you can’t have revelatory falafel, try for the revolutionary kind … !

  4. intlxpatr said

    LOL, reminds me of our Dec trip to Seattle when AdventureMan walked out of the Indian restaurant where we planned to eat because the cheapest vegetarian entree was $10! He is seriously eating as much Indian food as he can right now, at the cheapest possible prices.

  5. Claretta Reichmann said

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  6. Alberto said

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