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targeted hiring

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 6, 2009

What caught my eye about this want-ad initially, of course, was the specification for “female” secretaries:


But specifying neighborhoods, too? I’m trying to tell myself that the company simply wants to hire employees women whose commutes will be short enough to deter absenteeism – but I’m skeptical.

Anyone else?


7 Responses to “targeted hiring”

  1. This is positive discrimination Lebanese style 😉

  2. BabaGannouj said

    Are you suggesting any sort of “entertainment” business??
    I know they ask for these kind of “jobs” in the gulf states, but never heard of them for lebanon.
    I’m surprised they don’t have an age requirement.
    My mom, who was looking for a job, would answer these ads. Their response would be “under 40 only madamme!” although she’s worked most of her early adult life as a secretary and has lots of experience.

  3. haha Kheireddine – it does sound like some kind of affirmative action, doesn’t it!

    BabaG, too funny about your mother – I hope she took the recruiters to task!

    I don’t that the AAK Group is trying to hire “artistes” – I think its trying to hire women (obviously) as long as they fit within a certain geographic-cum-religious profile. (My understanding is that the artistes are mostly hired abroad – the age requirements seem to me to be more about aging male CEOs’ desire to be surrounded by pretty young things.) Do you think I’m over-reading?

  4. Here is a parody of the Lebanese CEO, ماريو باسيل – خالص خالص

  5. intlxpatr said

    LOL! At least they do not specify “under 30, attractive. Send photo” like in Qatar!

  6. aFool said

    Lebanon is not mechanical in its form of dealings like the bureaucratic west, in recruiting, business protocols, etc; it is organic, just like its roads are organic, they mutate, they’re not predefined on a blue print, and dissected for future planning, Lebanon is an amalgamation of orderly chaos; that takes millenniums to perfect; and eventually will outlast any humanly managed engineering.

    Reminds me of an article I wrote a while back: http://theinnercircle.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/lichtenberg-natural-paterns/

  7. hehe Kheir maybe so, but this guy looks at least fifteen years younger than the CEOs I am imagining.

    Khalti there are definitely ads that specify age and ‘good-looking’, and that require photos. Imagine major eye-rolling as I type this …!

    Jester, your post cites one of my favorite Thomas Aquinas ruminations. Time is a great fascination of mine.

    I think organic, orderly chaos is very healthy for societies – but I’m not sure that this is what I see happening with the “Preferably residents of …” note!

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