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prepared for the storm

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 23, 2008

After reading my post about preparing for snow and other storms, my father sent this reassuring email:

I read your blog and did want to offer a few comments to alleviate your concern about any power failures we may experience while you’re here.  I actually used one of several working flashlights that I carry in my briefcase; there is a flashlight in the garage that uses either of the two charged power drill batteries that are with it opposite the refrigerator and the “still-looking-for a new home wine cooler; and if all others fail, there is the “dog-locator” flashlight attached to the dog’s leash.

The fireplaces actually use natural gas which was why I was able to turn on the upstairs one using the standing pilot light and then went to the basement to light that pilot light.  Mom has me extinguish both each summer as it adds to the heat the a/c must deal with, but I had previously lit the upstairs pilot.  Heat circulation from the two fireplaces is limited when the power is out, since the circulation fans are electric.

This is more than you needed to know, but I wanted you to feel more secure while you’re out in the country for the holidays.

I do feel secure, and well-loved – and slightly amused to learn that my father carries “several” flashlights with him at all times.

And I know that I can add to my father’s list by enumerating the location of various candles in my bedroom and the downstairs bathroom, as well as matchbooks from … well … all of my matchbooks are from overseas, actually. I  know that my bedroom desk has a set from Oxygene in Damascus and another from the Movenpick at the Dead Sea, not to mention assorted sets from Beirut. So if the power fails again, my childhood bedroom will have light thanks to the Levant’s smoking-friendly boites and restaurants.

I’ll be in Iowa tonight – over several rivers, a few woods, many fields and through a bunch of nasty winter winds. Its okay: I’ve brought a few books, and I’m looking forward to being home!

3 Responses to “prepared for the storm”

  1. Amy Worthen said

    How long will you be home? Will we get to see you? Hope so. We come back to DM on Dec. 29.

  2. Kheireddine said

    Merry Christmas Diamond 🙂

  3. Thank you, Kheireddine! Amy – I’m here until the 31st or 1st and we would all love to see you! We’ll email to sort out details! In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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