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Syrian delight: discount shopping in the boroughs

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 16, 2008

This morning at the gym I decided to recover from the latest Business Week (basic message: yes, the economy is bad; and yes, it will get worse :S) by ending my workout with something lighter: a fashion magazine.

Appropriately enough, the magazine had a small feature on bargain/resale shops in Brooklyn, including one in Gravesend. I’ve never been to Gravesend – actually, I’m not sure I could find it on a map –  but apparently it is a “wealthy Syrian-expat enclave”. And that means bargains that are both high-end and well-tended:


“What you won’t find at this high-end consignment store is a single frayed hem, stained sleeve, or scuffed heel” – I’m not surprised. Even if this were a middle-end store, or even a low-end, I doubt you’d see frays, stains, or scuffs – not to mention scratches, fades, or even wrinkles. Lebanese may have the region’s reputation for stylishness, but Syrians, rich or poor, are the most impeccably groomed people I have ever encountered.

Bring on the January sales – I’m looking forward to my first trip to Gravesend 🙂 .


3 Responses to “Syrian delight: discount shopping in the boroughs”

  1. Leila1000 said

    Hi Diamond,

    The Times ran a really interesting article about this community a few months ago — they are a really closed Syrian Sephardim community, and they’ve built some interesting homes in the area. I took a walk around that area and highly recommend it (especially after reading this article). Good to know about another bargain-hunting spot.


  2. Leila1000 said

    PS that was an old article. This is the NY Times piece I was referring to:


  3. 1000 + Leila, I remember reading that article (the more recent one) last year in Beirut, and itching to know more. Thank you for reminding me!

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