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winning hearts & minds – or at least eyeballs

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 13, 2008

This ad, from yesterday’s Daily Star, has me torn between amusement and horror:


I suppose that its good of the show’s creators to get its theme out there – no pussyfooting around the topic, like Fashion Arabia often does.

But … my goodness. An 8-day engagement? How many people does the Casino expect to buy tickets for this show? And … what type of people go to a show called “Sexy Lady”, anyway?


2 Responses to “winning hearts & minds – or at least eyeballs”

  1. is it me, or Lebanon lacks graphic designers and creative directors. I guess not; it has been said Lebanon breeds the finest in the Middle East. I guess we’ve even exported them!

  2. Hi Jester, and welcome to the blog. I think that Lebanon has some wonderful graphic designers and copywriters, who play very inventively with designs, images, and language. But the Casino du Liban ads usually look like this – not this show, exactly, but usually the same title – photo – ticket info hierarchy. It must be a successful approach with its particular audience!

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