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a watch named Beirut

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 18, 2008

Things seem to be heating up a bit in Lebanon, as what Naharnet is jingoistically calling “the war of the magnetic tapes” shifts into a higher gear. So maybe that’s why the latest Lebanon-related mention in my inbox suggests going underground for a bit – or to be more accurate, going under water.

Did you know that there is a surfing watch model called the Beirut? I certainly didn’t – but now I know that it not only exists, and is made by a company called Rip Curl. I also know that it costs anywhere from $120 to $150, and that it is water-proof to a depth of 100 meters. And its a pretty watch (although sadly it only comes in a men’s version):


If you’re a surfing male looking for a stylish watch named after a mildly dysfunctional Mediterranean city, you can buy it here.

To be fair, the company did not single out Beirut alone. It sells a series of watches named after cities (Munich, Zurich) and neighborhoods (Bel-Air, Bronx).

And I suppose I would prefer to own a surf watch named “Beirut” than one named “Atlanta“.


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