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Al Jazeera on the intikhabat

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 13, 2008

Some (grainy again – sorry) photos from Al Jazeera’s primary Election-Day promotional piece, which featured biographical data and other “fun facts” about each presidential candidate …

First, Obama:


He graduated from the College of Law at Harvard University


First black senator in the Senate and the youngest in age (is this true? Perhaps the first since Reconstruction?)


[smiling Obama, looking directly into viewers’ eyes]


John McCain, Republican candidate [and looking awfully like Dick Cheney]


The oldest candidate in the history of the American presidential elections


[John McCain hard at work campaigning, but not smiling or looking at viewers]

I loved this promo for its color and detail, but I do think it is biased. Obama is shown in warm oranges and reds, while McCain is shown in cold greys and blues. Obama is shown smiling and facing the camera; McCain is shown unsmiling and looking into the distance.

But then again, the New York Times, which I love, had pretty biased coverage, too.


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