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more presidential election coverage: Obama and Israel

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 12, 2008

In my previous post on the Arabic channels’ coverage of the US presidential election, I promised to look next at Al Jazeera.

And I will – but first, a quick post to include the image of “White House Race” that Arabiya, which in general has very strong digital graphics, super-imposed on a digitized image of the White House:


To fill the long stretches of (very late-night, in the Arab world) time in which no state returns were being reported, Arabiya broadcast a re-cap of Obama’s July visit to Jordan and Israel, which came at the close of his larger trip to Afghanistan and Iraq.

The channel showed Obama addressing the international media in Amman and commented on what his positions vis-a-vis the Middle East and Israel were likely to be:


I wish I could tell you exactly what the channel said, but I was so busy fussing with my camera in order to get footage of the broadcast feature that I was only half-listening. But since it was Arabiya, I assume it was fairly agnostic about the whole thing.

(The “breaking news” caption records Obama’s wins in Weeskounsin, Meesheeghan, and Mineesouta, and the numbers indicate that Obama had 103 electoral votes to McCain’s 34.)


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