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Barley-bread and buttermilk

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 11, 2008

I’m a great fan of whole grains – but I’m not a great fan of the time it can take to cook them. So when Big D began sending us Seeds of Change’s various whole-grain pilaf blends, I was delighted. They cook easily and require very little attention from the chef, and they are delicious.

The one we like best is the “Persia” whole-grain dish, which the company calls a “pilaf blend”. I’m all for creative marketing, but both of us are mystified by the company’s description of the uses for barley:


Many of my relatives are Christian Scientist, so we have grown up with a fairly healthy skepticism of medical remedies. But using barley to cure cancer? I wish.

As for the ‘Middle Eastern saying’ about barley-bread and buttermilk: H professes total ignorance. I know: he’s from Lebanon, and Persia is Iran. But what good is postulating a Shia triangle between Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran if folk sayings don’t circulate along with the religious teachings?


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