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more on the Arabic channels’ coverage of the election

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 10, 2008

I must begin this post by apologizing for the antiquity of our television. These photos are meant to highlight the incredible array of graphics that Arabiya and Jazeera created to promote their election coverage and to keep viewers interested during the long election night. (Remember: 11 pm Eastern time, when the race was called in the US, is 6 am Beirut time, 7 am Saudi time and 8 am Dubai time. As one Arabiya anchor said: This is a long day – a very long day.)

But thanks to our 10+ year-old television, the graphics look a bit striated. Sorry about this – we’re still hanging on to the 1990s, I guess.

Arabiya’s anchors did much of their broadcasting from a platform surrounded by massive digital screens showing images of the candidates (and, when appropriate, the US map):


The text on the screen says “Race to the White House”, and promos for the channel’s election coverage showed a computer-simulated pan over a digitally-created White House, starting from the roof and ending with a front-on view, with the words “Race to the White House” super-imposed on the building.


The news scroll above says: “Breaking [news]: Reuters: Obama wins the presidency in the elections in the state of Pennsylvania”; at the time Obama had 76 electoral votes and McCain had 34. As I said in an earlier post, the channels reported on the election all night, but their sources for voting returns were the major US channels and wire services.

For me, its almost as exciting to relive the night by looking at these photos as it was to experience it live.


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