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election coverage: the global countdown

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 4, 2008

Are you excited about today?

I am. In fact, I woke up smiling and as excited as I remember being on Christmas morning or my birthday when I was a little girl.

I love election day: to me the act of stepping into the election booth and choosing from a list of candidates, partisan and non-, crystallizes the promise of democracy. I voted by absentee ballot a few weeks ago, but my heart sang this morning as I saw the “Vote here/vote aqui/[vote here, in Chinese and Korean characters]” signs up on the outside walls of our local public school.

If you are American, I hope you vote today. Regardless of how you vote, or for whom, each vote cast increases our overall rate of voter participation. And the more voters we have in our society, the more stakeholders we have: people actively engaged with the present and the future of America. (And, let’s face it: with the world that we affect.)

An-Nahar‘s headline today is: “America today before a historic choice: white or black”. I don’t fully agree with this: I don’t think that all McCain voters are racist, just as I don’t think that all Obama voters are innocent of racism. But I do agree that this is a historic election, and that I feel lucky to have the opportunity to take part in it.

Tonight I’ll be watching the returns with friends. But before I do, I’ll be watching the Arabic channels on our satellite connection – and so will many others:

(This ad ran in yesterday’s and today’s Daily Star. I didn’t see any similar ads in An-Nahar or the other papers I can access online, but I am sure that there are some – and that the stations will be covering the election.)

And guess what’s on Al Jazeera right now? A live talk show on the election, interspersed with man-(and woman)-on-the-street interviews:



2 Responses to “election coverage: the global countdown”

  1. It really did feel like Christmas today! I woke up with that jittery feeling like I did when I was little!

  2. […] election coverage: the global countdown […]

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