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obsessed again

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 2, 2008

Its been over a month since I last wrote about Obsession, the anti-Muslim DVD sent around to 28 million households in swing states around the US. (In case you wonder how many 28 million is relative to the overall number of US households: there are roughly 120 million households, so its about 23%. Not exactly chump change, as my father would say.)

But last week, my mother sms’ed me with a short, pointed text:

Can’t believe it but in the mail today is another copy of Obsession

– and lest I be in any doubt as to which family member caused this unwanted second copy of Obsession to reach them, she added:

addressed to Dad.

I think that this double-whammy of DVDs is actually a good thing. After all, my parents are too smart to be swayed by one copy of a fear-mongering “radical Islam” film. Two copies of the same film will hardly be more persuasive.

And the more copies of Obsession that they receive, the fewer there are available to be sent out to other voters.

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