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visual interlude: more Lebanese stamps

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on October 22, 2008

Good morning to all of you from a little diamond who is very happy to be sitting at her computer at last. I arrived at work today, put my key in the lock of my office door, and … nothing. Feeling foolish, I checked that this was indeed my office; checked that I had the correct key; jiggled the handle; but still nothing.

One hour of the building manager’s very patient labor later, I am now in my office. My doorframe’s siding is now back in place, and the offending lock has been tested and sprayed to remove any particles that might have rendered it inoperable.

And I am now settling in to a busy day – so I will leave you with a quick post on more of the beautiful Lebanese stamps that Faylasoof so kindly sent me.

At the top left is another one of the Beiteddine stamps that I have in my collection – but look at the two beauties next to it. The script (in Arabic and in French) is rich and gothic, and that man with the hoe looks like he is planting half in the nude. I’m not sure how the image relates to the International Labor Organization (mentioned at the bottom of the stamp), but apparently it does. And the stork in the stamp next to it is carrying not a baby but food for “World Nourishment Day”, sponsored by the FAO.

The stamp at the bottom left is equally rich: it commemorates the 19th Olympic Games, held in Mexico in 1968 (that’s an Aztec head at the left, I believe). Look at the lettering in “Liban” – its strong and graphic, and looks like a paint stencil. On the right: grapes and flowers. Pretty, but as usual I don’t have much more to say about flora :).

The two stamps at the top of this section celebrate Lebanese statesmen. Do you recognize them? Bishara al-Khoury is at the left, and Hassan Kamel al-Sabah is at the right. Isn’t the calligraphy gorgeous? Even the “qaff” (for “qurush”) is elegantly done.

And at the bottom: more flowers at the left. To me they look like poinsettias, but that is very much an amateur’s guess. At the right, a mystery. In Arabic, the text reads: “Lebanese Union for Weapons”, but the flags are from a number of countries. Is this some kind of fencing organization? Does anyone know? I like the stamp’s design, but the idea of a Lebanese arms union makes me snicker a bit.


3 Responses to “visual interlude: more Lebanese stamps”

  1. Bishara al-Khoury (not the President) was a poet. For the “Union for weapons” stamp, it shows the Moroccan, the Egyptian, the Tunisian and the Algerian Flags. It dates back probably to 1962, here is a link:

  2. I dont usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW 🙂

  3. Ammoun I said

    nice stamps, and nicer comment, may be you should be a painter or graphic designer…but to see the whole beauty of it you should look for the whole group (serie) of stamps to judge in all its context (timing, occasion, personalities, nature, and off course the concept/idea behind it). that is from one hand, the other hand is related to collecting new stamps (they are of higher value) untouchable (literally) and feel them for the first time, and then tell me about it….

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