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Lebanon career opportunity 3: shopping mysteriously

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on October 19, 2008

So. You don’t look like Hassan Nasrallah and you aren’t an economist, but you are looking for a job in Lebanon.

If you consider yourself a shopper, I can help.

Here’s a posting that arrived to my inbox this morning:

Do you like shopping and have a good eye for detail? Are you interested in helping to continually
improve customer service quality? Then you would make a perfect Service Checker! You need to be
over 18 years old, speak and write fluent LANGUAGE and have access to the internet.

A Munich-based company called International Service Check is looking for mystery shoppers (its brief helpfully states that Mystery Shopper, Test Client, Test Shopper, Test Buyer, Secret Shopper, Mystery Guest are just other terms for what ISC calls Service Checker! FYI: Exclamation point in the original.) As might befit a firm with “International” in its name, the company offers mystery shopping services in countries ranging from Bulgaria to Finland; from Argentina to South Africa; and from Japan to the UAE.

But it has no shoppers in Lebanon – hence the job posting. And the gig isn’t for Beirut: its for Tripoli.

I can’t imagine that a German company’s services come particularly cheap, especially after overseas charges and international fees are added in. And I’m having trouble envisioning what high-end stores in Tripoli might be able to afford International Service Check – the ABC?

So definitely ask about the pay scale if you apply – and happy shopping!


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