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the final debate: more photos from Jazeera and Arabiya

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on October 16, 2008

Last night was the third and final presidential debate, and I was there to capture the first few minutes of it on Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. (I would have liked to check back on the coverage mid-way through, but the one native Arabic-speaker in the house expressed a strong preference for keeping the channel on CNN. Since he had just come from a much-needed grocery run, I could hardly say “la”. And then, night-owl that I am, I fell asleep.)

The debate was held in New York – well, Long Island, but close enough – and both channels continued their practice of providing a separate translator for each candidate and for the moderator.

This is Al Jazeera – the text bar at the top right says: “Live New York”, and the bar at the bottom says: “third and final debate between the American presidential candidates Republican McCain and Democrat Obama”. And the news scroll below is serendipitously announcing American Airlines’ decision to spend $8 billion on 42 new Boeing jetliners:

Here are the two candidates speaking on Al Arabiya:

The grey text bar under McCain says: “The Race to the White House”. The black one below it says: Obama and McCain face off in the last television debate”.

Here, the grey bar is the same, while the black one says “Hofstra University in New York hosts the final television debate”. (For you Arabic speakers: I know that this is an English-friendly translation. If you have a better one for that verb, please share!)

And, since this is the last debate, I thought I would share a few of my less flattering photos.

Here is Obama, looking ready to pass out:

And here is McCain, looking like he just smelled something dreadful:

(I’m sparing you, and them, all the photographs I managed to take of the two candidates with their eyes shut.)

All in all, a very interesting debate: modulated tones, but very hard words. And very hard times.

Here are the two candidates, addressing one another as they answer the first question: what steps will they take to solve (or “treat”, as the Arabic has it) the current financial crisis?


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