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Now Lebanon and reality: the Syrian Haganah

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on October 9, 2008

Sincere, gut-busting thanks to B for pointing this out just now: Now Lebanon’s “press round-up” – which describes today as “Monday, October 9th” includes the following from Nahar‘s local news section:

Informed sources told An-Nahar that the Syrian Haganah is known to have deployed along the border and [border] outposts on the Syrian side.

Very interesting, especially since the Haganah was an underground militia formed to fight the British and the Palestinians to bring about the creation of the state of Israel. Today, people know it by another name: the Israel Defense Forces.

And just as a historical side-note: the Haganah’s motto was: The defense force of the Jewish Yishuv in the land of Israel and of the Zionist movement.

Now Lebanon: forget the fact-checking – just use a bit of common sense.

(For those of you as amused by this as we were, the Arabic term used was “الهجانة”. We’re translating that as “nomadic” or “camel-riding” – and think that the standard English translation, should Now Lebanon be interested, would be “Desert Mounted Forces”.)


2 Responses to “Now Lebanon and reality: the Syrian Haganah”

  1. M. said

    Too funny.

    I shouldn’t read your blog at work. People around me are giving me the evil eye for laughing right now.

  2. 🙂 M I love the idea of making people laugh out loud – my favorite bloggers do that to me. But the real credit in this case should go to Now Lebanon, for its bizarre translation; and to B, for picking up on it so quickly (and for letting me blog about it).

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