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Obsession: a deadly DVD

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on September 22, 2008

My father’s emails usually have fairly straightforward subject lines – ones like “Wedding in VT”, “small rug”, or “First Draft”. But the email he sent me Friday afternoon was a bit different. The subject line was merely:


What on earth? I thought, clicking on it. My father isn’t the type to become obsessed with anything. But someone thought he should be – he and every other Iowan. So this someone – a shadowy someone incorporated as a non-profit called “The Clairon Fund” – sent DVD copies of a film called “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” to every subscriber of the Des Moines Register last weekend.

My father scanned the DVD in its accompanying packaging, which you can download as a PDF here. (The download is more than worth the effort, but if you are on a Lebanese connection, be forewarned: its 4.5 MB.)

This is the poster of the movie (again, the scan my father made is much, much richer – it shows not only the DVD cover but also testimonials from various “experts” and other promotional materials. Horrifying, and McCarthy-esque.):

I am an Iowan and a New Yorker, and both parts of me are furious.

First, the New Yorker. This poster shows MY CITY. My New York, my Manhattan, my World Trade Center towers in their stark aftermath. This city, this image, and these buildings are not up for grabs, and they should not be taken by people bent on exploiting them for their own ends.

Second, the Iowan. My fellow Hawkeye State’rs are down-to-earth, middle-of-the-road Americans. They favor family values, a hard work ethic, and sensible, durable clothing. And for the past 12 or so years, their votes have helped determine the results of the US presidential election.

Iowa is a farm state, but its citizens are not ignorant. Our public schools are among the best in the country, and our state universities turn out some of the top medical and scientific research (well, not in ALL fields – but in several). The slick New York propagandists’ idea that they can simply slip a DVD into the local paper and frighten Iowans into voting one way or another offends me. More than offends me.

Thanks be to God for my fellow citizens. What was their response to this DVD?

Here’s the first one:

I am incredibly disappointed in the Register for serving as the delivery agent for “jihad Swift Boating” by including the DVD “Obsession” in the Sept. 14 edition. I watched it in its entirety.

This DVD connects modern Jihadi to Nazi Germany ideologues. It attempts to scare us into a paranoiac approach to our place in the world.

While I do not deny that terrorism is a real threat, and feel strongly that we must all prepare to deal with it, this is a blatant attempt to frighten us into our own brand of Western militancy. The last eight years of the Bush doctrine have taught us the consequences of stirring the hornets’ nest of militant Islam in the Middle East. Saber rattling, “shock and awe” and cowboy diplomacy have only fueled hatred of the United States in the Islamic world and threatened our long-term security here at home.

The fact that this DVD, which was produced in 2006, should be released with less than two months before our national election and that it should be targeted for newspapers in swing states is a thinly veiled ploy to frighten the electorate into voting for the perceived “party most likely to protect us.”

I shouldn’t be surprised that the Republicans are willing to stoop to frightening footage to secure votes. I had not thought the Register would serve as the delivery boy for Jihad hysteria.

– James L. Fritz, Decorah

Mr. Fritz doesn’t come from a booming metropolis – Decorah is a small town with long-standing farm roots. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has never met a Muslim – and his capitalization of “Jihad” is quaint. I’m glad that he wrote this letter, and I’m proud to share a state with him.

Here’s another:

The DVD enclosed in Sunday’s Register contains 60 minutes of propaganda aimed at convincing the viewer that “radical Islam” threatens everyone in our country and that very nearly everyone in Muslim countries grows up learning the beliefs of “radical Islam.”

Though several people are named as responsible for making, manufacturing and mailing the DVD, in spite of a strenuous search on the Internet, I learned almost nothing about the executive producer (Peter Mier), the director (Wayne Kopping) and the Clarion Fund Inc., the nonprofit that apparently sponsored the DVD and seems to exist only as a street address in New York and as a 501c(3) with no disclosed source of funding.

What did the Register ask to know about the Clarion Fund Inc. before agreeing to insert the DVD?

-Mark Kane, Des Moines

Good question, Mr. Kane. This isn’t exactly the usual type of Sunday insert. Why didn’t the paper’s advertising staff ask about the DVD and its distributor – or watch it themselves? Why would this Clarion Fund fund its distribution? And why would a New York non-profit (located in … Koreatown, naturally) be interested in Iowans?

When I talked with my parents this afternoon, my father said: You know, we weren’t the only ones who got this DVD. The packaging included a long list of other US newspapers.

Yes, my mother added. All swing states – just like us.

So when I finished talking to them, I did a little online investigating. How might readers of the Flint Journal have felt about the DVD, or the Rio Rancho Observer?

I can tell you how readers of the Toledo Blade responded. Here is a sample of the letters that the paper published today:

DVD gives a one-sided view of Islam

Imagine my shock and dismay when I received last Sunday’s Blade with the hate-filled DVD, Obsession, to preview. The fact that many staff members of The Blade have been hosted generously by many of the northwest Ohio area Muslim community and then would place that offensive DVD for general distribution is appalling.

In an era when we are trying to teach tolerance and acceptance of others, what would possess The Blade to send out such intensely anti-Muslim propaganda?

If it was for profit, then shame on you. Education? Then shame on you, again. There are two sides to every issue. The true Islamic side was never considered.

Unfortunately, there are many people who will view this DVD and accept it as an authority on Islam, while the ‘other side’ of Islam, who make up the majority, will not have been represented. The true meaning of Islam is peace.  I will find my peace in
canceling my Blade subscription.

Catherine L. Hammoud

‘Obsession’ crosses line of free speech

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with The Blade’s decision to allow the Obsession DVD to be distributed with The Blade.

I am all for free speech, and have no problem with right-wing people expressing their views. A free exchange of ideas is necessary for a healthy democracy. I also realize that with declining readership, newspapers need all the advertising revenues they can get. But the Clarion Fund’s Obsession DVD crosses the line — it not only represents an utter distortion of fact but is also incredibly unproductive and outright harmful in the way it perpetuates and builds upon existing stereotypes of Muslims.

I think The Blade should apologize for its poor judgment in allowing the
DVD to be distributed with its newspaper and, in the future, refrain from distributing such material — be it right-wing or left-wing in nature.

Jeff Nelson
Robinwood Avenue
Fear makes people easier to control

Having tried for many years to mount programs, including films, that promote interfaith understanding, I know very well how difficult it is to secure funding and marketing for such positive events.

So I am absolutely astonished at the amount of money spent distributing the DVD
Obsession to communities across the United States.

Especially in an election year, the promotion of fear is very suspect. If you can keep the people afraid, you can control them. In my personal opinion, fear-based government policies have dangerously undermined sacred American principles. As a result, we are not more safe, but less so.

I know money talks, but I am seriously disappointed in The Blade for supporting this fear-mongering campaign.

Judy Lee Trautman

I’m seriously disappointed in all these papers. Didn’t any of them have the courage to say: this is hate speech?

I’ll end with one more pasting – an editorial from the Palm Beach Post‘s Editorial Page Editor, Randy Schultz.

The secret cell helping McCain

Last week, an ad for John McCain came with The Post. But it wasn’t labeled as an ad for John McCain.

The stealth ad is a DVD titled Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West. The film’s premise – and this will shock you – is that groups such as Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah and their copycats are worth worrying about. Why, though, is this an ad for John McCain? To sound like one of the speakers in the film, it’s a matter of connecting the dots.

Distribution of the DVD, whose producers say it will “change the way you look at the world,” was timed with the post-Labor Day start of presidential election season. About 95 percent of the papers that contained the DVD are in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and New Hampshire.

Notice a pattern? Right, those are the swing states that most analysts believe will determine the election. The issue on which polls consistently show John McCain ahead of Barack Obama is national security. One way to make voters worry less about the economy and more about national security would be to send out a DVD that opens with clips of 9/11 and includes scenes of Muslims chanting “Death to America!”

Oh, and there’s that lie recirculating on the Internet that Barack Obama is a Muslim. So, for good measure, the DVD went in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and a suburban paper north of New York. All have many Jewish readers. The DVD went in the World Jewish Digest. The clear intent is to plant the idea that electing Barack Obama would be like putting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Oval Office.

If you’re a strong John McCain supporter, you might be saying, I don’t believe it. Why don’t you call the people who sent out the film and ask what they intended? Good thought. I had it myself.

The sponsoring group for Obsession is The Clarion Fund, based in New York. I left two messages for the media contact. Neither was returned. I e-mailed a request for an interview to a related Web site, radicalislam.org. I got no response.

The Clarion Fund was organized in 2006 as a 501(c)3, which grants it tax-exempt status as an educational nonprofit. But The Clarion Fund is not listed with Charity Navigator, which rates nonprofits based on efficient use of donors’ money. You can find Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast and United Way of Palm Beach County with the maximum four stars.

I called NSA Media in suburban Chicago. NSA placed the DVD with The Post, which – like the other publications – approved it after the usual review by the Advertising Department. NSA Media referred specific questions to The Clarion Fund. “It’s all on their Web site.” In fact, the Web site contains little information about The Clarion Fund. No names of directors. No sources of money. Just the mission statement, which includes this line: “Clarion Fund is helping Americans understand that the mainstream media is not adequately conveying the reality of radical Islam.”

Of course. Obsession contains a chapter called “Denial,” which compares the supposed failure to confront Islamic terrorists to the failure to confront Nazi Germany: Al-Qaeda in 2008 is Adolf Hitler in 1938. It’s a tempting comparison, because of the anti-Semitism then and now, but a false one.

“Radical Islam,” unlike Hitler, has taken no territory. This is not Munich in 1938. In fact, the very terror tactics shown in the DVD have turned sentiment strongly against Al-Qaeda in many Islamic countries, including Iraq. As one U.S. national security expert said a couple of years ago, two people believe that Al-Qaeda could pull off world domination: Osama bin Laden and George Bush.

The irony is that The Clarion Fund, whatever the group is and whoever runs it, is operating like the secret cells it warns about. Terrorists are cowards. In their own way, so are the people sending out this campaign ad.

If you want to contact any of the newspapers that distributed this DVD, an article in the Huffington Post lists them by state:

Colorado – Boulder Daily Camera, Centennial Citizen, Colorado Springs Gazette, Denver Post, Fort Collins Coloradoan, Greeley Tribune

Iowa – Daily Nonpareil, Des Moines Register, Iowa City Press Citizen, Quad City Times, Sioux City Journal

Indiana – South Bend Tribune

Florida – Daily Commercial, Florida Times-Union, Ft. Lauderdale El Sentinel, Ft. Myers News Press, Miami Herald, Ocala Star Banner, Orlando Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, Tampa Tribune, Tallahassee Democrat, St. Petersburg Times, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Michigan – Detroit Free-Press, Flint Journal, Grand Rapids Press, Lansing State Journal

Missouri – Springfield News-Leader

Nevada – Las Vegas Review-Journal/Sun, Nevada Appeal, Reno Gazette-Journal

New Hampshire – Portsmouth Herald News, Union Leader

New Mexico – Clovis News Journal, Hobbs News-Sun, Rio Rancho Observer

Ohio – Canton Repository, Columbus Dispatch, Dayton Daily News, Middletown Journal, Morning Journal, Toledo Blade, Youngstown Vindicator

North Carolina – Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News & Observer

Pennsylvania – Bucks Co. Courier Times, Erie Times-News, Morning Call, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Reading Eagle, The Patriot-News

Virginia – Sun-Gazette, Virginian-Pilot

Wisconsin – Green Bay Press-Gazette, Janesville Gazette, Journal Times, La Crosse Tribune, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

And if you want to contact the Clarion Fund, the address given on the DVD packaging is:

255 W. 36th Street, Ste. 800
New York, NY 10018
(646) 308-1230

Just remember: be polite, be professional, and articulate your position using evidence, not personal insults.


25 Responses to “Obsession: a deadly DVD”

  1. Valerie Curl said

    It seems to me I heard of the Clarion fund on a TV news show. It is a Republican 501(c)3, attempting to influence the electorate to vote Republican. More Rove swift boating tactics.

    Unfortunately, a huge number of people received the DVD and many will believe it. They just don’t know enough about Islam to know the reality of the religion.

    Is there any way Islamatic organizations in this country can come together quickly to run a counter campaign? Have leading scholars write full page op/ed style paid articles explaining the tenets of the religion, including its beginnings. Create newspaper flyer inserts about Islam. Go door to door and mail box to mailbox with flyers denouncing the DVD as all lies. Run 30 sec cable show spots denouncing the DVD’s hate campaign. Get Islamic leaders to appear on local news shows.

    If people fight back against these scare and hate tactics, the hate-mongers won’t win. However, the Islamic community must work fast!

    In other words, between now and Nov 4, flood the markets with as much opposition information as you can.

  2. faylasoof said

    Shame, shame, shame on McCain. This is despicable.

    Apparently, some people who do not even subscribe to some of these newspapers are receiving one-time complimentary copies containing the DVD. Coincidence? Conspiracy?

    News & Observer: More letters on the ‘Obsession’ DVD

  3. Valerie and Faylasoof, thank you for your comments. I agree that this is a nasty tactic, and the timing and focus on swing states does make it look awfully political. I can’t believe that McCain knows about this, though. One thing I like about both candidates is that they do each seem like men of honor. I suspect it is more the product of a few die-hard true believers, who think that they need to take matters into their own hands to make sure that Americans vote for a white man with no family connections to Islam.

    Whoever they are, they sure must have a lot of money. H pointed out last night that each DVD probably cost $1 to produce and $1 to distribute. That’s $56 million, not to mention the cost of placing the DVDs with each newspaper. Even if H’s estimate was too high, assuming $.50 to produce and $.50 to distribute means $28 million + advertising contract costs. That’s quite a lot of money for a no-name non-profit to have gathered since its creation in 2006.

    Valerie, I think you are right that people will watch the DVD and be influenced by it – which is why I think the editorials and other articles criticizing the DVD and the papers for accepting it are good. The bigger the stink, the more people will question what they saw – and why they received it. But I’m not sure that asking CAIR or even local imams to formulate a response is the most effective strategy. To me, what is more effective are the rejections by non-Muslim citizens. The distribution of this DVD really isn’t about religious differences – its about citizenship, and the manipulation of voters. In my view, responding to this DVD as citizens may be the most successful approach. (But I don’t mean to rule out responses from American Muslims. If I were a Muslim-American citizen, I would be doubly furious: first at the insult to my intelligence as a citizen, and second to the insult to my religion, whose freedom is after all guaranteed by our Constitution.)

  4. blahgblahg said

    I got this DVD in my mailbox last week.
    Everyone who receives it needs to mark it return to sender without opening it.
    Believe me.

  5. blahgblahg said

    I also meant to add that I have no newspaper subscription here in Florida.
    Good Muslims are not like this. I can only hope that people are intelligent enough to see this for what it is.

  6. Ozymandias said

    They just don’t know enough about Islam to know the reality of the religion.

    Too bad we do not hear from the moderate Muslims. We hear about them. We’re told that they exist and I for one am sure that they do.

    But the end result is that we are unaware of any organization of moderate muslims that condemns terrorism.

    It is a shame because it really is inconceivable to believe that they all believe in using terror to affect change.

  7. Most of the moderate Muslims are living under totalitarian regimes that are allied with the West and don’t have the right to express their views. Anyways, radical Islamists are not very popular in the Islamic World because people are disgusted by their violent methods.

  8. faylasoof said

    Diamond, I have to disagree with you on one point (or maybe two). While it is quite possible that McCain did not know about this at first, I’m sure he has heard about it by now. And if he truly were a man of honor, he would say something about it. He is just far enough removed from it to feign ignorance and get away with it. That is not honorable. It’s sneaky.

    This is not to say that Obama, or any politician for that matter, is any better. If the tables were turned, I doubt Obama would do any different. Honor is a rare commodity in politics, especially when the stakes are so high.

    P.S. You can expect the scans of my Lebanese stamps in your inbox later today.

  9. intlxpatr said

    Holy Smokes, Little Diamond. I am torn between outrage and disbelief. I am also aghast at the estimates of what it must have cost, and the nastiness and hatred that would motivate something like that. It is so discouraging. I am going to link this on my blog, sadly, but I think you are right – attention needs to be drawn to the very outrageousness of it.

  10. faemom said

    I cannot believe how disgusting that distibution of that DVD. That is so horrible that I am lost for words. It just reminds me of all the hate speech in Septemeber seven years ago. I really hope people aren’t blinded by the complete distortion of facts.

  11. Dawn said

    I am outraged to say the least. I just got this in the mail today. I don’t get any newspapers, this was addressed to me and delivered with the regular mail,put in the mailbox. By the name that they used, I know there is only one place that they got the address. They had to have gotten it from my voters registration, since that is the ONLY thing that has my name exactly as it was on the address label, which by the way wasn’t really a label but an actual part of the cover itself. Looks like they addressed all these from the voters registration logs before they inserted the DVD’s I too live in Florida. Sorry if I’m not making sense, but I’m so mad that I am shaking right now. This is nothing more than HATE propaganda the likes of which the Nazis used. I haven’t watched all of this DVD yet, I could only take it in small increments. Any suggestions on who to contact to complain?? I do mean complain LOUD!! How dare they!!

  12. Valerie Curl said

    Everyone needs to come together to fight this hate-mongering. Unfortunately, 501 (c)3s are not legally affiliated to a campaign. Therefore, it is highly likely that McCain knows nothing about it. However, if Republicans are punished at the polls…and they know why, they’ll make sure that political non-profits change.

    I still urge the Islamic community to fight back. They are the ones who will be hurt the most.

    In addition, I urge everyone in swing states who are disgusted by this hate tactic to write to you local papers stating your outrage, cancel your newspaper subscriptions explaining your contempt, and contact your local TV stations to expose and protest these tactics.

    You have to be more vocal in your own way as that group was in sending their DVD. People who know little or nothing about Islam will believe it. You MUST stop them from believing what they see. Create a grass roots campaign and a regional or national campaign to fight back. Hate only ends when enough people stand up to say NO.

  13. intlxpatr said

    I disagree, Valerie. The Muslim community should be outraged, but it is we, the non-Muslims, who need to take a stand on this, those of us who have no vested interests need to stand up and say THIS IS WRONG. I totally agree that we need to write to the press, and to express our outrage against this hateful propaganda. This is not the American way of doing business.

    I got an e-mail yesterday saying Obama is the anti-Christ. My first reaction was to laugh, but I think some people really believe this kind of trash. It is heartbreaking, and it is wrong, and it needs to be brought to the public attention. It is just so WRONG.

  14. Valerie Curl said

    I’ve just emailed a copy of your original post to Rachel Maddow at MSNBC and asked her to investigate and broadcast a report regarding the DVD.

    I’ll do whatever I can (from CA) to help stop the hate.

  15. Dawn said

    Thanks Valerie, I will send an email to Rachel Maddow as well. Maybe the more emails she gets the more she will delve into this. Something that a friend of mine in PA brought up to me last night that didn’t even enter my mind was the fact that many of these homes have children (such as herself and she actually received two copies, one in her husbands name and one in her name both registered voters in PA), what if some “latch key” kids get this before their parents and watch it?? Hers, like mine apparently came in the mail since they don’t subscribe to a local paper either. That to me brought a new dimension to this. Just wanted to throw that out there. I will do what I can in my area as well. I’m going to make some phone calls this evening.

  16. Rj said

    Our NJROTC classed played this at school, and all the now-brainwashed cadets around me loved it. It was outrageous, I generally have high respect for my NSI but he’s been toting his support about Mccain for a week or two, and now he shows us this?
    Interestingly, the emotions I saw in my classmates were fear and anger. I never liked McCain, but to stoop to this?Brainwashing high schoolers?I’m seriously pissed. Isn’t anyone going to do something about this?CAN anyone do anything about this? I want to see public rallies everywhere protesting against this and organizations dedicated to finding out about the people who made and funded this. My own private internet research has turned up nothing.

  17. Valerie Curl said

    RJ, stopping it and protesting it is why you need to contact your local papers and tv stations. Let them know all the details and tell them you’re really upset about it. Ask them to investigate and inform the public about the hate-mongering for political purposes that is going on.

    We should also contact CNN, ABC and CBS if anyone has any email addys to share.

  18. intlxpatr said

    This was in today’s Kuwait Times – anything like this in US papers>

    US Muslim group seeks probe on offensive DVD
    Published Date: September 25, 2008

    DENVER: A US Muslim advocacy group has asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate whether a nonprofit group that distributed a controversial DVD about Islam in newspapers across the US is a “front” for an Israel-based group with a stealth goal of helping Republican presidential candidate John McCain. The promoters of “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” denied trying to promote any presidential campaign.

    They said it is also incorrect to tie the DVD campaign to the Jerusalem-based educational group Aish HaTorah International, although current and former employees are involved with the project. The Council for American-Islamic Relations asked the FEC to investigate the DVD distribution, which targeted about 28 million households mostly in battleground election states. The DVDs, which critics call anti-Muslim propaganda – were inserted this month into more than 70 newspapers and paid for by the Clarion Fund
    , a nonprofit founded in 2006. The group’s focus is “the most urgent threat of radical Islam.” It has declined to identify board members or its funding.

    Never picked up for traditional distribution, “Obsession” features scenes of Muslim children being urged to become suicide bombers, 9/11 carnage and interviews with critics of Islam. Another organization, the Endowment for Middle East Truth, is a partner with the Clarion Fund in “The Obsession Project,” which will also include research publications and issue forums.

    Ari Morgenstern, a spokesman for that group, said targeting swing states was designed to attract media attention, but is not meant to influence the election result. He said the film “makes a very clear and upfront distinction between the majority of peaceful followers of Islam and those people who subscribe to a radical Islamic ideology.” In its complaint, CAIR cites New York Secretary of State records showing that three people who incorporated Clarion Fund also are employees or have been employees of Aish
    HaTorah International, which has offices around the world.

    American voters deserve to know whether they are the targets of a multimillion-dollar campaign funded and directed by a foreign group seeking to whip up anti-Muslim hysteria as a way to influence the outcome of our presidential election,” Nihad Awad, executive director of CAIR, said in a statement. As evidence of a McCain bias, CAIR cites a story in the Patriot News of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which reported that a Clarion Fund Web site ran a pro-McCain article before it attracted notice and was taken do

    If you heighten the hysteria over national security or terrorism or do anything to make people more fearful, it’s clear they would trend toward McCain because that’s been his mantra throughout the campaign,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a CAIR spokesman.

    Under federal election law and the tax code, nonprofit groups are restricted from getting involved in candidate races and foreign nationals may not contribute to American campaigns. The DVD’s distributors say their efforts are issue-based and do not break election laws. The Canadian producer of the film, Raphael Shore, is a full-time employee of Aish HaTorah International, an educational group that avoids politics, said Ronn Torossian, a New York-based spokesman for the group. Shore’s work on the DVD pro
    ject was not done under the banner of Aish HaTorah, Torossian said. “These are independent activities of individuals,” he said.

    Gregory Ross, spokesman for the New York-based Clarion Fund, declined to discuss the complaint’s specifics. He pointed out that it’s normal for nonprofits to keep donors’ identities private. He said the group has “thousands of donors that span the political spectrum.” “We are not telling people who to vote for,” said Ross, a former employee of Aish HaTorah International. “We’re just saying no matter who gets in office, the American people should know radical Islam is a real threat to America. We don’t feel
    radical Islam is getting its fair share of press.” The group is preparing to release another film, “Third Jihad,” but has no plans for mass distribution, Ross said. – AP

  19. […] Obsession: a deadly DVD […]

  20. Merrill said

    I got a copy in the mail. I’ve already decided to vote for Obama and I figured this would be an outright attack on Obama by a Swift Boat like group. I watched it to see if my worries were true … and they were not …

    I’d recommend many of you watch it before commenting. It is anti-militant Muslims as advertised but stays out of the presidential race. And if you are for militant Muslims then you and I just disagree.

    The most damning evidence against militant Muslims is the videos of the militant Muslims themselves. As long as the translations are accurate (I surely don’t speak Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, …), then it is the militant Muslims fanning the flames, not the DVD authors.

    I know many kind people of the Muslim faith but just because they exist and they are kind does not mean the angry and violent Muslims don’t exist and can be ignored.

  21. […] Diamond's Eye View of the World, an American who blogs about Lebanon, reminds us that we have the right to protest the distribution of this DVD, sharing the Clarion Fund's […]

  22. jay kactuz said

    Quote: “They just don’t know enough about Islam to know the reality of the religion.” True, and obviously neither do the so-called “moderate” Muslims.

    If anything, the DVD was too kind. Unless I am wrong, all Muslims, even the so-called moderates, consider the Quran the word of their god (and above reproach) and MOhammad to be a great moral example. Having said that, and having studied both the Quran and hadith, I can say with all certainty that anybody that believes these things are not good people. It is that simple. At best they are ignorant or in denial.

    Does the hate and violence in the Quran bother them? NO. Do they criticize it? No. Do the calls to attack, conquer or kill non-Muslims cause discomfort to Muslims? NO. Do the orders to torture infidels for any “mischief” make them uneasy? No. Are they suspicious about all those special privileges Muhammad put into the Quran to benefit Muhammad? Nope.

    Do the thousands of pages in the hadith (Islamic traditions) about raids, murders, enslavement, torture, rape and wife abuse bother moderate Muslims? No. When you point out these to them do, they ponder the facts? No. These mean nothing at all to them.

    When you ask about islamic history, do you think there can draw any lesson from the violent lives and times of the so-called “Rightly guided caliphs”? (also supposedly great moral examples). Do they understand the brutal impact of 800 years of Muslim domination of India (even exterminating the Buddhists)? Do they know about the violence the Muslim turks perpetrated on the slavic peoples for 600 years? No, they only want to talk about the crusades.

    If you ask about current events or the treatment of non-Muslims in Islamic societries, well – they prefer not to discuss these things.

    See, it is very simple: Islam is a religion of hate and violence. There are no moderate Muslims, only those that are ignorant (and make excuses) or deceitful.

    Having said that, please don’t say I don’t know Islam. I have spent thousands of hours reading their sciptures and history and I can say with all confidence that most Muslims have no idea of their content and meaning. They ignore the obvious and distort facts. They have an excuses for everything, and never apply the same standards to themselves that they demand from others.

    Things are going to get worse; Blood will flow. I blame Muslims for their hate, deceit, ignoranmce and double-standards.

    J. Kactuz

    PS: Don’t worry about the America people. They won’t attack Muslims under almost any circumstance. They are either too good or too stupid. If you Muslims want to do something constructive, why don’t you focus on the hate in your own religion or read your own sciptures with a critical, rational and open mind? Why don’t you start with all the special rules your dear prophet put into the Quran to solves his own personal and marital problems. Isn’t that kid of suspicious? Oh yes, have you ever considered the relationship between Allah and his so-called prophet? Does the fact that the Quran uses the expression “Allah and his messenger” hundreds of times give you a clue? How about when it says that “he who obeys the messenger obeys Allah?” or “when allah and his messenger decide a matter…”. I am only an old infidel, but I seem to remember that the greatest crime (supposedly) for Muslims is to associate partners to Allah. Oh yes, didn’t Mohammad order that 20% of all loot be given to Allah and…. Yep… His messenger. I wonder if Allah ever showed up to get his share. Sounds like a joint command or partnership to me.

    Muslims, read your own writings! Consider what they say. Look around. Think!

  23. […] Diamond's Eye View of the World, un americano che scrive sul Libano, ci ricorda [in] che è nostro diritto protestare contro la distribuzione del DVD, diffondendo l'indirizzo […]

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  25. Johnnie said

    Wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year !

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