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Out of many, one: the superflag project

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on August 9, 2008

I stumbled across a terrific website yesterday afternoon: the New York Tenement Museum’s superflag project, WeAreMulticolored.com.

First, you choose three national flags (the site invites you to choose one for the country in which you live, one for a country that has affected you, and one for a country that you have dreamed of visiting – but you can choose according to your own criteria if you prefer).

Then, you get to design your own flag, using the elements of the three flags you chose. For example, in the US flag, there are three separable elements: the blue rectangle, the white stars, and the red stripes. In the Lebanese flag, there are also three: the cedar tree, and the two red horizontal bars.

You can change the size of each element, expanding or contracting. You can flip it or rotate it, and you can layer elements so that certain ones overlap others.

The flag I made wasn’t particularly beautiful, but the samples that run in a horizontal band across the main page are stunning. If you put your mouse over them, you can read the designer’s name and their explanation of why they chose the countries they did.

Wonderful, wonderful project! In fact, I wish the site let me choose additional countries: I’d like to build a flag from the flags of all the different countries in which I have lived, because they have all affected me.

H and I are off to a wedding this afternoon, and not back until tomorrow evening. I think I booked a hotel with wireless internet, but if not … see you on Monday!


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