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ahlan w sahlan: guests welcome

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on August 5, 2008

Now that we have started the moving process, its a good time to look around for extra help friends. So when H mentioned that his friend M would like to come from Dubai to visit us for a few days, we were both delighted.

H is happy because 1) M is his friend and 2) hosting him means that H now has a legitimate excuse to eat out every night. No more fussing with napkins, silverware, or a fussy diamond for the rest of the week – Hallelujah :)! And I am happy because having another strong male in the house for a few days means that I am off the hook when it comes to moving our “vintage” television – not to mention the 75″ bookshelf and 87-lb. air conditioner.

As for M, it might sound like he is getting the raw end of the deal. But the longer he stays, we’ve realized, the better his creature comforts will be. When he arrives tonight, all we have to offer him is a spot on the couch. But the new inflatable bed arrives tomorrow, and if he can hold out until Thursday, a matching set of high thread count sheets will arrive as well.

Of course, by Thursday M will be leaving us for a weekend in Las Vegas – for “work”, which I suppose is a legitimate reason if one is coming from Dubai. When he comes back next week for another few days with us, he’ll have all of the above, and more. By then, we should be fully ensconced in the new apartment, and M will have been our first New York guest – twice 🙂 .


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