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the oddities of home-making

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 22, 2008

First, a note of thanks from H to each and every one of you who emailed me with words of compassion and empathy for him and his bed-making woes. He is particularly grateful to my grandmother, who emailed me to say that:

Those blasted fitted sheets can be so frustrating! My biggest congratulations to him for trying to figure it out — and for even doing it when he had never had to change his bed!! And, for not calling to you for help.

I’m glad someone appreciated my not simply calling out to you to come and help me, H said pointedly after I read him my grandmother’s email.

I appreciated it! I said indignantly, and returned to my current pursuit: looking for used furniture on Craigslist.

Now that we have signed a lease, we need things: things to sit on, eat on, store books in, lounge on, and sleep on. Neither of us is particularly enthused about used couches (ugh) or beds (double ugh), but we’re perfectly willing to trade light use for a discounted price – which is where Craigslist comes in.

Thanks to its weekend listings, we now have an almost-new table and chairs. We’re currently scouting it for bookshelves and a coffee table – as fun as regular shopping, with no overbearing salesperson trying to push us towards a higher-end model.

But some of the things for sale – some of the things that otherwise sane people think might actually sell – are just plain odd.

This is my current favorite:

Its being sold as a “pop-up bed”, which it definitely is, that offers extra storage space, which I suppose it does. But it also looks like one of the wackiest do-it-yourself projects I’ve seen.

Also, buying furniture on Craigslist means that the buyer must go to the seller’s apartment. I am sure that the person who built this pop-up bed is totally normal and sane – but I still wouldn’t want to go to his/her apartment alone!


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