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the captain returns

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 10, 2008

I can’t believe that it is Thursday afternoon already – the week has, as the cliche says, flown by.

I’ve been swamped with meetings, financial reports (I thought at first that “total disarray” might describe my new institution, but am now leaning towards “complete arrears” – and I’m not even trained in financial matters), keeping up with email and tracking down my paycheck (more disarray: my direct deposit request hasn’t yet been processed, so I was issued a paper check, which was then sent to a very unrelated department: an institute for classical music. I love classical music, but its not my field.).

So much effort for (thus far!) very little return. And in the meantime, I’ve utterly missed my chance to comment in a timely manner on what has been going on in Tripoli this week – more on that tomorrow! – and worse, I’ve missed my chance to do the same for my father’s birthday.

Here are two small mementos from last weekend:

the wonderful party decorations that my mother found, celebrating my father’s almost-July-4 birthday and his childhood on the Atlantic Ocean:

(the caption of this post was the “theme” of the party – and the photograph is of my father “captaining” the family sailboat)

and the mini-cake we used for his breakfast-time gift opening the next morning:

I know – it looks a bit stingy to get such a small cake, even if it is Cookie Monster. Don’t worry: We’re actually major cake fans in my family, but we had a quarter-sheet of fancy bakery cake left over from Saturday’s official party. So Dad got the “special” cake-let, and we happily ate leftovers.

It was a funny birthday without my grandmother around (although my cousin K did make her special cheese dish), but it was also a wonderful birthday weekend. Happy birthday, Dad, and a happy year ahead!


2 Responses to “the captain returns”

  1. jewaira said

    love the cookie monster minicake!!!

  2. Hi Jewaira! We’re having very Q8-like weather in New York these days, so I am very much thinking of my aunt and all her blogging friends!

    The cake is a hoot, isn’t it? Seeing it was pure serendipity – small enough not to go to waste with all the party cake leftovers still around, but something to mark the day in a fun way :). I was so grateful to whatever creative Stop n Shop baker designed it!

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