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“I love a parade”

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 5, 2008

If you’re in the United States for July 4, the East Coast is the best place to be. Iowa has great, community spirit-filled parades on Independence Day, but its too “young” a state to be able to reach back very far into American history.

Massachusetts, on the other hand, was part of the Revolution from the beginning. The parade we saw yesterday had all kinds of references to this history:

Revolutionary patriots (probably dressed a bit better than they were in real life):

Tories, or Loyalists, who fought on the side of Britain:

In American lore, the Tories are the “bad guys” – so at first there was a rather awkward silence when these men walked past. But then everyone remembered that these were local citizens dressed as Tories and not actual “lobsterbacks”, as they were known during the Revolutionary War. So we all started clapping, just as we did for all the other parade participants.

Soldiers of the Civil War were also represented, by these men carrying flags of the state’s volunteer infantry:

And when the parade itself got a bit slow (some groups were tightly bunched together, and some were a block or two apart), we had a good time watching the audience, like this man, who kept his festive headband on for the entire 90 minutes:

And we knew when the parade was over thanks to this car and its creative use of Ben Franklin’s image:

On second thought: Ben Franklin was from Philadelphia, so perhaps this man is a generic Massachusetts Bay Colony pilgrim, and not the man from the $100 bill.

More on the parade tomorrow – for now I’m off to start celebrating my father’s 60th birthday. The party starts at 5:00: a traditional New England clambake. Happily, its scheduled to be held indoors – today we’re enjoying another traditional New England day of drizzling rain.


2 Responses to ““I love a parade””

  1. intlxpatr said

    Happy Happy BD to the big guy!

  2. katfairy said

    Actually, Franklin was born in Boston. He ran away when he was a teenage apprentice because he found his brother to be too strict.

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