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summer rain

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 4, 2008

I’m in Boston for the weekend, celebrating the 4th today and my father’s 60th birthday tomorrow. (H is in the Carolinas, where his older siblings are having a big holiday weekend reunion. We had a very romantic weekend-getaway cab ride to the airport together, but parted ways at our boarding gates. Its okay – we each wanted to see our families, and we’ll see one another again on Sunday.)

I arrived in Boston yesterday evening, just in time to join my parents & grandmother for dinner with some family friends at a seafood (what else!) restaurant on the waterfront (where else!). And we in turn arrived at the restaurant just in time to watch a summer storm come in across the water. It was beautiful to watch, and lasted only 15 minutes or so, but it made us lose our wistfulness at the restaurant’s decision not to set its outdoor tables.

This morning, I awoke to the sounds of a gentler storm: a soft steady summer rain. I can hear the hushed sound of rain falling on leaves and grass, and the quiet rustle of wet greenery as the wind blows it in one direction or another. And every so often I hear the rubber sound of car tires on asphalt as early morning 4th of July’ers head out to meet friends for morning coffee or to help set up the town parade, which starts at 10.

After spending so many summers in Beirut and Damascus, summer rain totally delights me. Cool wet mornings and booming early evening thunderstorms, which we’ve been having in New York, are a wonderful surprise.

Its now 9:30 – I started this post around 6:30, but took a break to go for a walk with my mother. We’re off to see the town parade – I’m betting that the red white and blue of the Fourth will stand out beautifully against the grey sky :).


3 Responses to “summer rain”

  1. SportyDiamond said

    Happy 4th of July! We’re off to the parade here at noon…hope yours was nice! See you tonight!!!! xoxo

  2. Cédric said

    I agree, but there is also a tremendous “July 14th” French revolution celebration downtown San Francisco. Sweet memories back in 2004. If French, you are treated (almost) like a king during that night. Though you usually keep your head on your shoulders…

    From a new blogger on Beirut,


  3. Great weekend with you and the other Seattle Diamonds, Sporty D 🙂

    Cedric, thank you for your comment and bienvenue to the world of Beirut blogging. I’ve never heard about the Quatorze Juillet celebration in San Francisco, although I can tell you that last week there were two in New York: a big festival in midtown and a petanque competition in Brooklyn.

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