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Martha, Martha :)

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 27, 2008

Yesterday evening I left work early to attend a cocktail party hosted by one of the many countries with missions in New York. I’m not the best at professional socializing – actually, I’m not very proficient at socializing with strangers in general. (I have to be careful how I say this – a few years ago, I realized that I had given a very wrong impression to my friend B. When I mentioned my trepidation regarding a large dinner party that I was attending one evening, she smiled and said: I know, I know. You don’t like other people. Argh.)

In the end, the cocktail party worked out beautifully. I came armed with a mental list of colleagues and organization partners to meet, and had good conversations with all of them. And I was in and out in under 40 minutes – my idea of a great professional evening.

I rode down in the elevator with another early leaver, who asked what my purpose for attending the cocktail had been.

What’s your background? he asked as we headed out into the humid evening.

Hmm. I’m used to answering that question in Lebanon, where it usually means Are you Arab? Do you have some blood connection to this region?

But I didn’t think that this was what he meant. So I fudged: I told him my position and the organization I now work for, and where I had gotten my degree. And then I added, “… and I just moved back here from Beirut.”

Wow, he said. I feel so much less interesting now.

Sigh. I had forgotten about this. I think of it as the Lebanon effect. I’m actually not that interesting – as I have noted before, I follow my aunt’s line that “we lead perfectly boring lives in interesting places”.

Well, maybe less “perfectly boring” in Beirut, but most days there were perfectly – and pleasantly – ordinary.

And my co-rider wasn’t un-interesting: he works for Martha Stewart (on the business side, not the chopping-and-dicing side).

Oh, I said. She’s becoming very popular in the Middle East.

And she is – I’ve heard women of all religious and class backgrounds wax enthusiastic about her show.

Really? he asked me, stopping dead on the street. Are you serious?

Absolutely. What other region has more appreciation for a well-turned out home?

I had no idea, he said, shaking his head. We have to get her over there, then.

If you hear talk of a Martha Stewart appearance on Kalam Nawaem, or a Martha Stewart-branded skyscraper going up in Dubai, you’ll know where the idea started 🙂 .


2 Responses to “Martha, Martha :)”

  1. intlxpatr said

    I totally love it. You are so right, Martha is well loved here as well. Oh, Little Diamond, what fun you are having.

  2. I am having fun 🙂 but we also miss Beirut. As for the Martha Stewart man – I hope they do bring her to Dubai or elsewhere in the region. What a hoot 🙂

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