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things I will miss; or, “what’s in a name”

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 21, 2008

I’ve had great luck with Levantine dry cleaners. In Damascus I went to Sno-White, a local franchise that delighted me by managing to have a shop near each of the apartments I lived in during my summers there. The men were at once deeply devout and warmly welcoming – I felt like a prodigal daughter each time I entered whichever shop I was frequenting.

And I adore my dry cleaner here. Its not a franchise but a one-man operation – he lives a few neighborhoods away, but his shop is a block away from my apartment. He is less effusive than the Sno-White’rs, but he is unfailingly gracious whenever I enter his shop.

I like my dry cleaner for his kindness and his warmth, and I also like him because he’s given me a new name:

Endilye isn’t my name – its not even particularly close to my name. To me it looks like a Japanese name, or maybe some old Turkish name made hip again. My name definitely fits neither category – so in some ways, Endilye is a step up. (I know this because when my parents were here in March, my mother started calling me Endilye.)

I’ll miss my Lebanon name when we’re back in the US, and I will miss the kind, polite man who gave it to me.


One Response to “things I will miss; or, “what’s in a name””

  1. Moose said

    Love my Dry Cleaner too. She’s a “one” woman operation in Gemayzeh. And at a buck a shirt and a smile every time I pick them up. She’s worth every penny.

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