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lingering mysteries

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 21, 2008

This is my last night in Lebanon – tomorrow I fly back to New York, leaving poor H to deal with all the unfinished bits I’ve stuck him with, like Aramex’ing the stuff that just wouldn’t fit into my luggage. I thought I live low on the earthly possessions food chain, but 90 minutes of solid packing and “oops, forgot THIS thing too!” had H raising his eyebrows.

“Don’t worry babe – this will only take twenty minutes”, he said, smiling, as we pulled away from my building to head up to his parents’ house. Grrr. I hate being quoted when the quote demonstrates how manifestly wrong I’ve been.

Luckily for me, I had packed my little camera (I have two: a tourist pocket camera and the big “I am a super-geek” film-style one) in my handbag. As we drove, I realized that I was about to have one last chance to photograph a sight that has always made me curious: the Dbayeh-Tripoli/Antelias highway signs.

Here they are from afar:

And here is a closer view:

What. On. Earth. Happened. To. These. Signs?

They’re fairly far off the ground, so my initial theory that a semi caught them doesn’t seem likely.

Plus, the metal pieces below (which in the US are designed to hold lights that illuminate the signs at night – not sure what their purpose is here!) are bent, but not twisted into different shapes as I think would have happened had they been caught on a truck roof.

Since my first trip north out of Beirut, I have been wondering about these signs. What could have bent them: A localized tsunami? A grumpy giant? The old Geant mega-shopping cart?

As I turned my camera to “playback” to view the photos I had just taken, H looked at me and smiled.

I know, he said. Its a mystery to me, too.

H has one more week to figure it out – he joins me in New York next weekend. Of course, he may not have much time for sleuthing after dealing with all the “sweetie would you mind” errands I’ve pressed upon him.

So if not, I’m looking forward to puzzling through this and many other Lebanon mysteries on my next trip back here.

And in the meantime, I have a whole backlog of posts to publish, on everything from yin-yang balconies to excess qaff’ing :).


4 Responses to “lingering mysteries”

  1. The truck that hit the signs must have been very high! Only in Lebanon again!

    Diamond, I am sad that you are leaving Lebanon. What am I saying? I left 17 years ago!

  2. Rami said

    I also feel sad to know you’re leaving for good…
    I have always felt interested in reading your posts about Lebanon/Beirut, and I will be missing them of course.
    Hope you will keep on updating your blog from the US.

  3. Moose said

    Good bye Lady Dia. The Moose will miss ya!

  4. Kheireddine, I have wondered about those signs every time we pass them – and finally I was able to turn wondering into photographing! H thinks that it wasn’t a truck itself but rather something loaded on top that did the damage. Who knows :)!

    Kheireddine, Rami and Moose: I’m sad to have left, but I am grateful for your farewells! Rami and Moose, I look forward to reading about Lebanon “on the ground” in your blogs; and Kheireddine, I look forward to your insights on Lebanon present et passe from Canada :).

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