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hidden gems of Beirut

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 18, 2008

Once again, I’m posting photos in hopes that Kheireddine can help :).

This building is next to the Khalidy house, which I’ve posted about before. Every time I pass the Khalidy house, I only grow more curious about its neighbor, because I can’t see it!

Here’s what I see as I approach the Khalidy house:

Beautiful, lush landscaping spilling out from both properties. Doesn’t it want to make you see more 🙂 ?

Here’s what I see as I get closer:

Its even lusher – and so three-dimensional, with flowers and greenery spilling over the fence.

But this is all I can see when I peer through the greenery:

Its not much of a view, is it? If I shift around a bit, I can see a little more:

Its terribly tantalizing, especially with the wooden slat “extension to the original fence. Kheireddine (or anyone else!), do you know the story of this house and its owners – and its wonderful gardener?


4 Responses to “hidden gems of Beirut”

  1. Sorry Diamond, I don’t know who are the owners. I wished I had the money to buy all the old houses & buildings in Beirut to preserve them from demolition…

  2. Best advice is to just walk up and ask the owner. Most likely, s/he will be delighted to talk about her/his house and the garden. Life can be so simple:-) Granted, I am a foreigner and the Lebanese tend to be (much) nicer to me than they would be to their fellow Lebanese. Still, it’s worth a try.

  3. Kheireddine, its okay – I just thought I would ask, since you do know so much! I too wish that I could save the old houses – to me they are such a rich part of Beirut.

    Riemer, you are so right! I wish I were less shy – I would love to feel confident enough to do that. Maybe I’ll get H to ask on our next trip back 🙂

  4. mira said

    this is the Khalidi bldg owned by Nadim Khalidi. Unfortunately, they sold it lately to a big entrepreneur who will most probably tear it down and replace it with a big cement bldg. I was very saddened by this news and hoped we could do something to stop it. I live in the bldg right next to it.

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