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more from the Hippodrome

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 16, 2008

After twenty minutes or so of marveling at the many stands selling something other than flowers (which is not as suprising as I had initially thought, since what I had been told was the “flower and garden show” is officially known as the “garden show and spring festival”), H and I reverted to form and began looking at old things.

The Hippodrome is still used as a racetrack, and bits of its own history are in evidence around the grounds.

Just beyond the rows of tents, we found this old track roller:

At least, to me it looks old. Perhaps its still in use, and this is simply where it is housed. But it looks a bit rusty – it must be a bear to hitch up.

And we noticed the old watchtower, from which the races were called:

We think this one is genuinely out of use, although it still has a camera perched on its balcony rail. But the main stands are further away, and there seems to be a watchtower of similar post-war vintage closer to them.

Neither of us had ever been to the Hippodrome before, so we loved having the chance to wander around without the pressure to bet on a winning mare 🙂 . And if we ever have a massive patio in need of furniture, or a guest bathroom in need of gourmet soaps and candles, we know where to come!


One Response to “more from the Hippodrome”

  1. moose said

    Just beyond the Hippodrome, the Forêt de Pins is a real gem to walk through on a lazy weekend afternoon. I wonder how many millions of Saudi dollars were turned down by the city from developpers who would no doubt rape that area with high rise condos?

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