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gardening Lebanese-style

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 14, 2008

Yesterday evening, H and I and two of his friends went to the annual flower and garden show, which is held at the Hippodrome – the outdoor track used for horse races.

I read that people with flower names get in free, I said idly as we waited to drive in and park.

Hmm, H said. Do you think they would believe that my name refers to a rare type of H flower?

Um, no. H’s name is a fairly common Arabic name, and it definitely does not refer to any type of flora.

The show turned out to be a series of outdoor booths, arranged more or less in three clusters. We enjoyed it all, but were a bit bemused at what it was missing: flowers and plants.

I remember going to flower & garden shows growing up, and in my memory they seemed to have more green stuff than the show here. What this show had was delightful, but it was more of a fair than a flower show. We passed all kinds of food booths, a new Kefraya wine to try, Souk el Tayeb’s array of goods (everything from olive oil soap to organic honey), children’s daycare offerings, wedding planners, and even a Curves for Women booth.

There were some flowers in evidence, including a Lebanese flag made of roses (note the sponsor on the left!):

But the displays of prize-winning flowers or particularly lush blooms that I remember from my childhood were missing. There were two flower booths: one selling cut bouquets and one selling fairly ordinary potted and hanging plants – but no real wow! flowers. Perhaps we missed them in our wandering – or perhaps by focusing on the flowers I was missing the point of the show. After all, it was filled with people, young and old, all enjoying being out in the evening air!

We did notice one especially Lebanese aspect of the show. At first we thought that this tent was merely one of the many showing garden/patio furniture:

But then we looked closer:

Of course. What Lebanese activity would be complete without a special section for VIPS 🙂 ?


2 Responses to “gardening Lebanese-style”

  1. All Lebanese think they are VIPs! كلهم شخصيات

  2. moose said

    Yes, if it means Vehicles Insanely Piloted…I agree!

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